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Fact Check: Justin Bieber Was Not Made in America

Photo by Amjad Hamza Credit: Amjad Hamza


Our resident fact checker here at UTB has found that Justin Bieber, of pop-music fame, was actually conceived in Canada.

Bieber headlined the Made in America concert last weekend despite having no link to this great nation. He even mocked us all by performing “Baby” in this nation’s founding capital. The first search result on Google lists him as a “Canadian singer” for crying out loud! How could you sheeple be so blind? Spending hundreds of dollars to see American-made pop stars and being duped into seeing a maple syrup manufacturer’s spawn — absurd. 

Our fact checker went to Bieber’s Wikipedia page for conclusive proof. Bieber was born in London (very original, Canada), Ontario. His parents are Canadian. There is no mention of them taking a trip to the USA nine months before Bieber’s birth. There’s also no evidence he’s a test tube baby. There isn’t a bloated American bone in his body.