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'Penn Men's Center for the Straight Male' to Be Housed Across from ARCH


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian

The University of Pennsylvania prides itself on its continuous endeavors to foster a supportive and inclusive environment. 

That’s why, when Dr. Gutmann, a FGLI student herself, heard that a small group of undergrads felt marginalized (even experienced incidents of microaggressions), she set out to find a space to house the dying minority of the white cis-male population. 

The Penn Men’s Center for the Straight Male is set to open in early October and will be conveniently located across ARCH

The PMC will be the first ethnic multicultural group to receive on-campus housing––a great milestone for Penn’s diversity initiative! Original plans placed the center in the basement of ARCH. However, admin decided the move would only heighten the feeling of being invisible expressed by many of the white men on campus. 

“We want our men, specifically those who identify as heterosexual and caucasian, to not only know that we hear them, but that we also value their presence as a person,” explained Chaz Howard, Penn’s first Vice President for Social Equity and Community, “with this new cultural house, our board of trustees, prospective students, and the general public can visibly see the support this group is receiving from their community.”

The center demonstrates Penn’s increased devotion and attention to the needs of its diverse student body. The University hopes that with great strides such as the Penn Men’s Center, campus is heading towards a more inclusive community where even the whitest of the white can feel at home.