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Student Secures Boyfriend to Connect Laptop to AirPennNet

Photo by Daniel Spase / CC0

In a gorgeous act of true independence and autonomy, this college senior has just acquired a boyfriend for the sole purpose of receiving assistance in connecting her laptop to AirPennNet. 

Scarlett Newark (C’22) and this guy have been seeing each other sporadically since September. Last Friday, Newark had the guy come over to her apartment and had a long, emotional chat. By the end of the chat, they have decided that they are going to pursue a heterosexual relationship with each other. 

As soon as they decided on this new relationship status, Newark immediately popped the most important question: “Hmmm… Btw… Can you help me connect my laptop to AirPennNet?” 

It has since been revealed that Newark, set to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience next spring, has been using AirPennNet–Guest on her various tablets since NSO freshman year. 

The BF grabbed her laptop and did some clicks and just like that! Newark is now connected to AirPennNet. 

AirPennNet–Guest no more! The boyfriend is truly what he’s cracked up to be.