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Op-Ed: Vaccines are in their "Flop" Era


Photo (with edits) by PAHO / CC0 and Jackson Parli/ The Daily Pennsylvanian

Hey shes, gays, and theys! I’m like legit sooooo frustrated rn because I was totally stanning vaccines like 3 months ago because i was like….ok yes i LUV the direction ur going in…. Like the aesthetic was all safe vibes u kno?? Tbh like things were looking up! I was getting to see the girlies for brunch at white dog at our “use-tabe” (usual table).

But then literally out of nowhere vibes the cdc is like...put ur mask back on and im just like…..okkkkk u literally r lying like why would i do that?? Im a #pfizerslut thru and thru u know?? And then like people started getting covid who i knew were vaxxed and im like ok science literally is lying to us….vaccines are absolute flops. its like soooo gross and if i could get unvaxxed i would...

Anyway i found this great new group called qanon and their aesthetic is littttterally so cute. Theyre legit soooo smart and always recruiting new members i feel like im back in my sorority days lolllllll. If u want i can hook u up! Their merch is gorge. kisses!