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Architecture Student Fatally Misunderstands "Flipped Classroom"


Photo by Alan Levine / CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)

 Freshman architecture student Aussie Chan was found dead in a classroom of The Weitzman School Of Design last Wednesday morning. The cause of death was later identified as blunt force trauma to the top of the head. Strangely, he was also found with semi-hardened super-glue on his shoes.

After initial investigation, it was identified that Chan had misinterpreted his class’s first homework assignment of the year. In the first lecture of his intro architecture class, the professor had announced that the class  would be taught via method of “flipped classroom”, and that their first flipped classroom activity would be due by next class. He had taken it upon himself to actually physically flip the classroom. 

Chan had spent the night unbolting all tables and chairs from the floor, hoisting them up, and rebolting them to the ceiling. In order to test that he had properly installed the desks upside down, Chan had applied super glue to his shoes so that he could sit at the upside down desks. It is evident that at one point in the night, the bond of the super-glue had failed, causing Chan to fall on his head, ultimately leading to his death.