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Op-Ed: How Do I Unsubscribe From the Listserv of the Philomathean Society?

Photo by Luke Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Seriously. Not a satire piece, an honest question. How do I stop receiving emails coming from the “First Censor” of the Philomathean Society?

I keep getting those emails titled “Philomathean Hebdomadaire.” First of all, isn’t that the outdated word that people used to say when they meant intersex people? That’s a little problematic to be honest. 

Also, whenever I clicked open these emails, I found myself drowning in words like “phacts” “phallus,” and “pharts.” I had no idea how to pronounce these words and they made me scared

In the emails, they kept talking about “admission” into the “society.” As far as I’m concerned, we all already live in a society. I had no idea that you had to go through interview processes to be in society now. A bit ludicrous.

So yeah, let me know how I can stop getting those emails. Thanks in advance.