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Pass/Pass Option Now Mandatary for Wharton Students


Photo by Biruk Tibebe / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

Wharton Dean Erika James recently announced that any student currently enrolled in the Wharton School will be mandated to take all courses Pass/Pass effective immediately. 

Not only does the new policy grant Wharton students a guaranteed zero-work course load during their four years at Penn, but its only stipulation is attendance for the first five minutes of class. 

“It’s good to know that administration just wants us to take it easy,” commented Wharton sophomore Jack Riley, as he sprawled out on his bed, “because now, we’re actually doing the things that we’ll be doing at Goldman. Bonding with the boys until they give us their money.” 

The policy gives business students the time to focus on the only competitive aspect of Wharton: club recruitment. 

Unfortunately, the Wharton interdisciplinary programs, such as the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business and Nursing and Health Care Management, are exempt from the Pass/Pass mandate. 

“Considering that these dual degrees require courses in other schools,” explained James, “It just wouldn’t be fair to our students if we granted non-Whartonites the same privileges.” 

Now, instead of four days completely free of work, Wharton students can have seven days of a stress-free college experience.