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Local White Guy Confused if Dressing up as Squid Game for Halloween Is Racist


In what is now emerging as a shocking series of events, white people are getting confused. 

Today, for dear little Freddy Blanc, as he prepares for Halloween, he ponders whether he will be cancelled for dressing along the lines of his favourite international television show, Squid Game. Having spent all month deciding how little his girlfriend would wear for the big day, he is now in a rush to have what he wants custom-made in time.

Alas, as in the show, he goes through six stages of mental strife in reaching a decision:

Red Light, Green Light - Do I even care if I get stopped? 

Dalgona - Will this taste sweet or will I crack? 

Tug of War - How many will I pull wearing this? Will I get pulled off?

Marbles - Will I look like I’ve lost mine, choosing, you know, the cultural choice? 

Glass Bridge - If I jump up and down in it, will it break; will I break; will the boys below break?

Squid Game - Will someone slide in to play?

There are so many questions, so many things yet to be answered. 

All we can say definitively: the struggles of the white male continue.