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UTB Endorses Xi Jinping for Reelection as Chairman at 2022 National Congress of Chinese Politburo

Photo by Пресс-служба Президента России / CC 4.0

The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party will be held at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, in October 2022. Thousands of delegates will represent the party’s estimated 100 million members. During the congress, the delegates will elect the new leader of the central committee as well as the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China.

The editorial board of Under the Button hereby endorses Xi Jinping, current CCP Chairman, to be re-elected at the 2022 National Congress. The Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era has paved way for the Republic’s eminent emergence as a global power in the 21st–century social order. Chairman Xi has envisioned a future with the People’s Republic of China standing on the apex of the geoeconomic tumult and he has willed that future into existence. Xi has also vowed to crack down on corruption within the Party and he has delivered on his promise. Moreover, The Belt and Road Initiative under his leadership augurs a golden future for the greater Asia.

The renewal of Xi’s term as Chairman is the only realistic way to realize the Great Renaissance of the Chinese Nation.