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Depressed Student Cured After Therapist Tells Her She’s Amazing

Happy woman talking on the phone

You. Are. Amazing. 

Three simple words. And yet, that’s all it took for Sara Rodriguez’s six year battle against depression to end. 

“It was the quickest, yet most successful therapy session I’ve ever had,” Rodriguez reminisced, “After twice-weekly meetings, $80 a piece, this one finally cured me!” 

“It’s an old psychologist trick that’s been long forgotten,” happily commented Dr. Amy Goodman, “I was flipping through YOU: Being Beautiful by the great Dr. Oz, and all it said that if you tell yourself that you are amazing a bunch of times, then all your problems will just disappear!"

And that’s exactly what happened with Rodriguez. Minutes after her (final!) session with Dr. Goodman, the CIS major felt…happy. Her stress? Gone. Crippling anxiety? Gone. Every insecurity and toxic behaviors? Gone. 

The ’22 student recommends that anyone struggling with mental health follow her lead: pay a certified clinician to tell you how amazing you are and your mental illness will surely go away.