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World Record: I’ve Accumulated 137 Green 2 Go Boxes in My Room


Photo from Pixabay / CC by 2.0

As I wake up in the morning, I’m careful to tiptoe around the vast accumulation of Green 2 Go boxes scattered around my twin-sized bed. Sure, I’ve only been back on campus for one week, but I’ve managed to acquire 137 to-go containers. Yeah, I’m just that into sustainability. Anything green is sustainable, right????

Each container is more than a translucent receptacle for cold food. Instead, each Green 2 Go container in my collection represents a beautiful dining memory. From the moldy cantaloupe sitting in box 89 to the congealed leftover slice of cheese pizza courtesy of The Grotto© in box 27, I feel a spiritual connection to each and every one of my containers. I can still smell the tilapia florentine of January 7th from the world-class kitchens located in 1920 Commons. Each breakfast/lunch/dinner, as I sit at my desk/dining room table/artistic space/classroom,  I feast silently from a Green 2 Go container as I quietly reminisce of the highs and lows of campus dining

How rude of me, would you like something to eat? I have like 17 foil wrapped red delicious apples, or maybe you’d rather have a banana I crushed in my backpack? Or or or you can have this pre-packaged bran muffin! It’s oily because it’s fresh. Here, wash it down with this 8 ounce carton of Wawa chocolate milk…

Anyways, I’m off to grab some brunch from Hill. If you need some utensils, I have 43 packages of just spoons and knives, just help yourself!