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Jaywalking is a Mortal Sin Worthy of Eternal Damnation


First it’s jaywalking, then it’s petty theft, and all of a sudden everybody’s going around committing all sorts of sins, like murdering each other and listening to explicit music. I remember the days when a neighbor was a friend, a jaywalker was a scoundrel, and a woman’s rightful place was in the kitchen. How have we gone so wrong so quickly?

Moral and societal decay is a gradual process, a war of attrition. I can say with absolute certainty that my grandfather and his peers would simply not have tolerated the sort of immoral acts that characterizes today’s society. This is why we must take a stand against these Ayn Rand-ites who will cross the street even without the little walking man being displayed, destroying our civilization with each malignant step. 

We may take solace, perhaps, in the knowledge that these scoundrels will suffer long and fiery deaths in the depths of Hell. Alas, justice will be served, whether here on earth or in the afterlife.