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Pritchett Finally Becomes Something Everybody Understands!


Photo by Penn President Dr. Amy Gutmann via Flickr // CC 2.0

Among the constant tears and sniffles, there was only one dry eye during Amy Guttman’s last farewell: Wendell Pritchett could barely contain his joy knowing that he would finally have a title that everybody actually understands. 

Ever since he had taken the role as Provost, Pritchett’s time at Penn had been filled with confusion and uncertainty: What’s a provost? His employees would ask. He didn’t even know how to answer because he himself had no idea what a provost did. 

It came to the point where he would lay awake, tossing and turning, constantly wondering: Who. Am. I?

But now, he doesn’t feel lost anymore. He has a known identity!: Interim President! An easy google search of what exactly interim means and Wendell Pritchett is ready to tell everyone that he is Interim President. 

I am Interim President. I matter. I am enough. Pritchett chants to himself every morning as he gets ready to do what Interim President do. 

Of course, his time will not last long, but that does not matter! For now, he has a position that makes him feel understood, respected, and above all, has a definition.