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OP-ED: Should Women Go to College?


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian

Let’s face the truth. Women only go to college to get a degree, not an education. They can learn enough from books, their priest, and their father. Socrates didn’t even get a formal education. So there’s no reason for women to. 

If women go to college, then they’ll only attract the wrong type of men. The ones who want coddling mommies so they can freeload off of their bread-winning wife. 

If women go to college, they are destined to become exploited by our treacherous capitalist society. They will only be seen as objects whose labor can be commodified and alienated from their essence. Women’s natural profession (which isn’t a profession at all, but a divine calling) is motherhood. And motherhood is the hardest, yet most rewarding profession there is. 

If women go to college, then the family unit will be jeopardized. Women will devote their time to being secretaries, airline attendants, and waitresses. They won’t be left with enough time to properly raise our children. 

So, should women go to college? It’s in no one’s best interest, not man’s, not woman’s, not child’s, and certainly not society’s, if women go to college. 

They can learn everything there is to know about being a woman from their own mother. Who, I assure you, never went to college.