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Report: Desserts Such as Bread Pudding

Photo by Jacob Wycoff

Bread pudding …. Cute smile emoji.

How decadent. Heart eyes emoji.

It was good too. Heat up the bread pudding in the microwave. Cute smile emoji.

Omg I’ve never done that. Imma try that!

Whaaat? It’s really good … it makes the bread pudding all soft and its just good

I hate the way I think about my body.

My body brings me glee in exchange for long spells of malaise and apathy. So when I am gleeful I milk the fuck out of it. 


Milk and Oreos. Dip the Oreo in the milk. It’s really good. It makes the Oreo all soft and it’s just good.

If I tell him would he like it? Would you like it? if I tell him. Would he like it if I told him.

Can we have an honest discussion without pretension or bad faith. Or repetition of stock phrases. Or a pure mimesis of what you imagine discussions to sound like. Walking among a thicket of women and thinking about the wrinkles on my neck. And checking my reflection in the darkened screen of my iPhone SE 3rd generation. Practicing facial expressions. Remembering the face I made in front of you. And then making my face that face again in the mirror after you leave. And mood lighting for the bedroom. You said lights on or off. And I was honest in my answer. Maybe not at first.

I’m literally addicted to food I have to eat it every day. Why think of hunger as a state to alter. It should be the opposite. Hunger feels better than satiation. Hunger hurts and starving works. Learn from the best. Have a daughter. Don’t do anything to displease your monogamous partner. Should be easy enough. You can find adversity in other things. 

You play with fire every day. You are always risking deportation. I would like to have a conversation with my author. You gotta stop using free indirect discourse. It’s killing me.