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Penn to Rent Your Parent’s Unfinished Basement for Student Housing During Upcoming Quad Renovations


Photo by Pixabay cc//2.0

As the Quad nears its renovation, Penn has faced a problem with finding student housing. With no nearby off campus apartment building available to rent, one choice became evident. As a result of these renovations, Penn has struck an unprecedented three-year deal with your parents to rent out their unfinished basement to house these displaced students. 

Located in the cozy metropolis of Camden, New Jersey, this 400 square foot basement can house up to 25 bright students. With high seven foot ceilings, and asbestos galore, your parent’s basement will soon rival Gutmann College House as the premier housing choice! 

You better hope you get a good housing time-slot to be able to snag this lovely space. Quaint and comfy, this basement is complete with visible wall insulation, industrial chic lighting, and bare concrete floors. Feel free to pack extra blankets as it’ll get pretty cold down there come winter. Consider the lack of heating a way to build character!

Sure, there’s no windows, but it’ll feel like home in no time. With an average monthly cost of 1,600 USD, this housing is the deal of the century. Remember to come upstairs for a home cooked meal every once in a while!