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Bhad Bhabie Hired to Lead Wharton Venture Lab


Image by Daniel Scanlon

Following in the footsteps of legendary female business pioneers (don’t ask me to name one), Danielle Bregoli is slated to step foot on Penn’s campus as the leader of Venture Lab, Penn’s newest emetophilic attempt at selling wayward college students on a dream.  

Bregoli recently had a moving speaking engagement at Oxford University, which is a big deal if you pronounce your r’s weirdly and can’t cook. The crowd was in thrall to the young Italian-American-by-way-of-Florida as she recounted her experience at Turn-About Ranch, achieving fame at a young age, and her penchant for philanthropy. She really does it all. The crowd all but forgot that Malala Yousafzai came to speak the day before. 

It’s no shock that the cunning minds at Wharton’s Venture Lab would want to harness Bregoli’s cultural and intellectual prowess. As director of the Venture Initiation Program, Bregoli will lead a joint incubator-accelerator that introduces students to the key aspects of entrepreneurship such as ideation, validation, market-product fit, fundraising, networking, scaling, business planning, development, launching, televised belligerency and more. She will be the first non-Penn alumni and non-college graduate to hold the position, a true game changer!