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Lovesick? Heatsick? I’m Sick of You TAC-E Bitches

Photo By: Katherine Francis / The Daily Pennsylvanian

And I thought my writing was unoriginal and derivative. You guys genuinely need to come up with better –or at least new– titles?

I demand to speak to any alumni still funding this “organization”. Who wakes up one day and thinks to themselves: yeah it’s totally normal to call this dying performing arts organization “tacky”.

This won’t even be an article. No, dear reader, this is a rant; a beautiful flow of my thoughts regarding the tacky performers.

My main issue with this company is honestly the sub-group called “IntuiTons”. Read that again. Did you think it was intuitions? Yeah it’s not that, it’s fucking “IntuiTons”, a group that clearly is SO good at coming up with names that they named two of their shows similarly despite them being totally unrelated. Well guess what IntuiTons! I’m SICK of y’all artsy bitches doing the most out of the box insane performances and assigning said performances the most basic and derivative names. I am BEGGING, on my KNEES, do something different with the title and premises for ONCE!!

Please come see me perform on November 10-12 I look hot and I will be wearing tight clothing and will strip if necessary.