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OP-ED: I Need You To Love Me More

Federico Cimini / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Sure, you may have read this title and entered a state of reminiscence. Perhaps you even heard a melody or a voice in your head. Yeah ok this piece of writing is inspired by a Mitski song, so what? Is a leaf that grows from fresh bark not equally beautiful? If that same leaf were to fall on locust walk, does its beauty ever truly die out?

I offer something more; I offer for you to love me more.

I offer the leaf more than the floor, a chance to soar.

Does this breaking of convention scare you?

What… what i s convention? Is my prose truly falling apart?

Or Am I Constructing It As Such –

This Proves Opportune for You,

Love Me More – Love Me More – Love Enough

To Drown It Out.

Perhaps –and entertain this idea with me for a fleeting moment, my beloved– you should take me to the Kelly Writers House? Romance may lie in the fully functional bathtub nestled in the corner of the bathroom in a cottage house nestled between frats. I think that may be where true beauty lies, where all the poets went to die.

God. Please. Love Me More. Forget Me Not. Alternatively, Could You Please…

Forget Me.

I Fear You Never Read This Opinion Without Fear.