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Student With No Depression Exhibits Stellar Executive Function

Photo by Liwa Sun

The number one thing people associate you with is your face. But you yourself don’t necessarily identify with your face. 

My face is more immediate to you than to me. What is my face even for. When I communicate to you through my face, you are getting precision, and I can only approximate. How unfair. Don’t use my face for commercial purposes without my permission. This isn’t creative commons.

When you think about a situation. When you think about me. When you think about a situation involving you and me, when you think about our love. You think about my face when you think about our love. But when I think about our love I think of your face. And what you said. And the things I felt. For you you think about the things I said and my face and what you felt. We are never talking about the same thing. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk