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Amy Waxed?? Ok Amyyy, Who Are You Seeing Tonight?


Photo by Julio Sosa / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Penn Carey Law School Professor Amy Wax’s xenophobia, racism, bigotry, scientific racism, eugenic beliefs, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and probably, hatred of every minority or source of diversity have taken the world by storm. Penn, not so liberal after all huh? Penn has never had a single community member like this, ever, right? Wax is a racist and I don’t want her as my law professor, even though I am not a law student. Impeach! Fire! Lay off! Terminate! Dare I say…deport…

But I have another question. Whom did she wax for? There are some cases in which one’s prominence in the public eye only illuminates their other traits or apparel. Think about former Vice President Mike Pence and the fly that landed on his head and stood out like a black fly on white hair. Think about when Kim Kardashian had a child. Everyone knew. Yet somehow, Wax’s racist beliefs and infractions on basic human dignity allowed her sneaky link to remain sneaky. Wax may be a public pariah but this part of her identity remains pubic

We all have trust in due process and the aptly named justice system. I am asking the questions we’re all wondering about. In whose arms does Wax complain about the immigrants who, despite her best efforts, passed her class? Who loves Wax, behind the mask of racism and tweed coats, as the hairless feline she is? What are Wax’s plans for tonight? We know that world domination and identity erasure are up there, but who really is Amy Wax? Who knows the intricacies of Amy’s identity that only Honey Beauty Wax Chic Salon on South Street and her highness know?