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Commons Lowkey Sceney Tonight! I See My One Friend Over There

Credit: Maya Kreger

Soupe du jour? Friendship. 

As I entered The Class of 1920 Commons Dining Hall last night for the first time in a long time, I was bombarded with a sea of unfamiliar faces. They sneered at me with their heaving plates from the Mezze Bar as I grappled through the crowds over to the Simply Oasis station. After having secured a plate of some truly delicious foods, I searched for a table.

As I weaved through crowded clusters of friends, I thought to myself, isn’t it strange how truly random each and every individual here is? I mean, we all go to the very same school, yet they were all total and complete strangers. It was a really grounding experience. Reminds you how large the world is, with its vastness and unoccupied spaces. Did you know we know more about space than the deepest depths of the ocean? I find that strange because the ocean is, like, right here, but space is all the way up there. It’s sort of like walking into Commons on a lovely evening and not recognizing just one helpless soul. 

As I contemplated my tiny place in this universe, I was revived by a gorgeous familiar face. It was my friend over there! I take it back, we know more about the ocean. Fuck space love live the earth commons is sceney and i love it there i built community there and a family and never ending friendship the food was satiating and im gonna live forever.

Me, and my dear close personal friend, dined until sundown. We laughed, cried, and enjoyed a scrumptious meal. As the sun disappeared under the horizon, we sighed a sigh of sweet relief: Commons had completed its purpose once again as it brought two friends together over a perfect meal.