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Scenery Reveal! Look at That Building Where the McDonald's Used to Be


The sight to be seen on a bright, sunny day.

Credit: Carey Salvin

Check it out. The building behind the former Mcdonald’s is actually sort of pretty, somehow. And the side of the Radian is surprising, in a comforting way, with all its angles and such. I think I’m starting to like it here.

You never know what’s behind each corner around these here parts. There could be a little brown building with some sort of column - potentially Corinthian. There could be intrigue, vast riches of potential, or even a second chance. 

In time, every building around here is bound to be knocked down and replaced with a modern, aesthetically pleasing (for around 5 years, then tacky) building sponsored by a fabulously rich family (whom I will hopefully marry into to sponsor my career as an struggling artist). This change is inevitable, and we must learn to accept it. Nay, embrace it. 

This is why we should knock down every last goddam building on this ill fated campus. Level this place. Let no Mcdonald’s go untouched. I bet you’d like that, you sick and twisted bastard.

Phase two will be paving it all over, one big parking lot is what I’m thinking. Tiny spots for compact cars. Faded yellow lines. You can’t tell where each spot begins and the next ends and you'll love it, you freak. 

Phase three, we charge exorbitant prices for parking. Included in tuition, of course. 

This way, no more secrets. No more untapped potential. Even the playing field, they’ll say.