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Ciao, Bella! Girl Misses First Three Weeks of Class, Still on Island Time from Summering in Capri


Junior, Vanessa Sullivan, when asked by her Econ professor to explain her absence at the first three weeks of lecture, replied promptly and confidently with the following:

“The water there is just so clear. Almost, like a bottle of Voss, but not quite. And bluer than those little boxes from that chain of jewelry stores. And the cocktails, oh the cocktails! Best Long Island Iced Tea I’ve had on the Continent. 

The restaurant in the hotel wasn’t too bad either. Only had one Michelin, but I’m not complaining. Most days, we would just order up room service because the sun is just too bright for my sensitive eyes. My eyes are very blue, like those little boxes from that chain of jewelry stores, so it’s often hard to stay outside for extended periods of time. Sometimes, I'll get into my EmRata brand bikini, take a few photos on the yacht, then head back into the cabin for the rest of the day. 

If you have the means, I highly recommend summering in Capri. Have you been to Milan, that ghastly place? There’s simply nothing to do there. In Capri there’s plenty. Cute little boutiques selling this season’s hottest fashions. Calimari. Buttered Pasta. Truly everything you need. The only thing I would complain about is the horrid wifi. I couldn’t even join Charli XCX’s livestream when she confirmed Charli 7… but a quick dip in the crystal clear tepid waters quickly cheered me up. 

Sure, I’m glad to be back in The States, but my heart lives in Capri now. I just can’t re-adjust back to these American tendencies. There’s no good olive oil and Farenheit just doesn’t make any sense. Anyways, have a great rest of your day, dolce vecchio, and as the Caprese say: Ciao, Bella!”