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Life Hack: I Got 4,000 Karma by Posting “Love eachother” on Sidechat.

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As a professional Sidechat poster, you got to know how to read a room. That’s why amid the growing campus unity, I posted “love eachother” on Sidechat.

When Liz Magil resigned, I got 780 upvotes for posting “ngl, feeling kinda bad for Liz rn.” When the escaped inmate alert broke, I was the first to post a screenshot of it. I eat at Commons every meal, hoping for a maggot in my food. My posts consistently hit “hot.”

Before Paddy's and homecoming, I post the lists of which frats are throwing. During rush, I let people know which PC’s are good or not. And last fall I got 200 upvotes when I posted “Upvote for Israel” and another 200 when I posted “Upvote for Palestine” eight minutes later. I am the Sidechat mastermind, and my HQ is merely my dorm room in Gregory House.

Today, I hit the gold mine.

I just got 4,000 karma on Sidechat by posting “love eachother.” Within minutes it blew up. I realized in a time of growing campus unity, someone needed to remind the student body that love is the only answer. Obviously, that someone was me.