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Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club Now Open to Cases Dedicated to Getting You Bitches


Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash // Edits by Hannah Gong.

Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club (WUCC) is now opening its sought-after services up to a different population: all you lonely little nerds out there. 

I sat down with WUCC president Warren Goldman Mckinsey Vanderbilt (W '24) to talk about this transformative new service and its implications for future relationships on Penn’s campus.

Vanderbilt was excited about the service, claiming it to be “the next step in streamlining open communication between stakeholders and creating an optimal environment for connection in the romantic stratosphere.” The purpose of the service, according to Vanderbilt, is to ensure that Penn becomes a leader in the college romance industry. “We want to make sure that Penn students achieve the best outcomes by enabling them to restructure the process of achieving their romantic goals in the marketplace,” he said. 

WUCC member Lauder Ware Gourmet Grocer (W '27) explained more about how the process will work. “So basically, you just have to apply for the initial screening service and you’ll be accepted for help based on several different factors. If you’ve had relationships before, what your Rice Purity Score is, how many of our board members would swipe right on you–all of these are metrics that we take into account before carefully selecting our clients that we believe will benefit the most from our services,” Ware wrote to me in an email. “We’ll then analyze clients to give them resources and avenues of improvement, including matching them with other clients for aerodynamic connection.”

Penn students were more wary about the service, but seemed open to the idea. One random person I stopped on Locust said, “It doesn’t sound like they’re going to be doing any more than what Tinder would do for me, but at least it seems like a good networking opportunity.” 

The initial screening service will be pro-bono for all Penn students; however, engineers will have to pay a premium fee if they want to be matched with other clients.