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Editorial: There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Me

(03/30/22 3:14pm)

Hey you. Yes, I’m talking to you. You see me around campus, traversing the passages from Stouffer Mayer College House to Van Pelt Library Weigle Information Center (or if I get kicked out of the booth I would say a bad word really quietly and relocate to the 4th floor Marian Anderson Music Study Center), and to Fishy-Benny (Fisher-Bennett Hall), and to the patio outside of the Alpha Chi Rho chapter house (where I regained my virginity), and back to my little room in Stouffer Mayer College House. You have seen me. Your eyes may have lingered on my face for a couple of seconds. You might even have waved and said hi to me. Whoever you are, we are parasocially involved with each other. Our connectivity is the pure manifestation of the new paradigm since the Great Vibe Shift of June 2021.

I Lived It: He Left Me for a Girl Who Uses “Begs the Question” Erroneously

(03/22/22 3:01pm)

Betrayal is a common theme in our post-truth society. I’ve known betrayal. I’ve known it since a very young age. It doesn’t break my heart anymore when people betray me: I have long since stopped letting anyone in on me, my earnestness and sincerity. So, when I found out my white boyfriend of three years, Andy, cheated on me, I spent no time wallowing. I dropped him without a thought and went on with my life. That is – until I discovered that the girl he cheated on me with is one who uses the phrase “begs the question” erroneously. 

Yikes! Some Girl Commented, 'Photo Credits to Me' Under Your Crush’s Instagram

(10/28/21 8:42pm)

You’ve been there. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. You were just doing your usual 2 A.M. round on your crush’s Instagram page and going through the same three photo dumps from this summer when suddenly, you caught a comment from an unfamiliar account that you somehow missed during your daily check-ups on his page.

Here’s Why I Endorsed My Pledgemaster for Management on LinkedIn

(09/23/21 5:50pm)

Delilah Khrushchev (C’21) was my pledgemaster when I pledged my sorority last spring. She pledged me and mastered me during our new member education. Needless to say, I was proper pledged and mastered. I participated in events and activities with my pledge class in which we learned the history and traditions of our sorority and got to know the sisters. During the 12-week intensive process, we did activities such as coloring picture books in candlelight, camping retreat, and even brunches. I felt a sisterly bond I’ve never felt before anywhere else. By the time I was initiated (the initiation was just a lovely, lovely time), I felt so welcomed into the sorority – it felt as if I have always been part of this. I have no one to thank but Delilah. As our pledgemaster, she put together all the events and managed all of us in such a beautiful way. This is why I am going to endorse her for management in LinkedIn. Delilah, you deserve it!