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Crafty! Freshman Smuggles TupperwareTM Into Family’s Thanksgiving Dinner


Photo by atl10trader / CC BY 2.0

At this point in the semester, every Penn freshman has either learned to sneak Tupperware out of the dining halls or learned to sneak other, non-TupperwareTM plastic containers out of the dining halls. Tupperware is necessitated by odd dining hall hours and the semi-annual palatable dish.

But Janice Johnson had no idea her adaptation to the harsh Penn Dining ecosystem would have such an effect on her family's Thanksgiving meal. “I brought my Tupperware out of instinct. I couldn’t control myself. Every time no one was looking, I would shovel mashed potatoes and gravy into the containers under the table. I really hope no one noticed.”

In the words of Janice’s mom, “We all totally noticed. She was like an animal. Does Penn even feed these kids?”

Sources say the answer to that question depends on your definition of “food.”