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Louder Repetition of Joke Confirms Brad Not Funny


Photo from StockSnap / CC0

A second telling of a poor joke in a math lecture last Tuesday confirmed for many that their classmate, Brad Carr (W ’22), is not funny, something they had suspected from day one. 

During a lecture on reducing fractions, Carr, known for his complete disregard of classroom decorum, turned to those around him and joked with a smile, “Factor? I barely know her!” After receiving no audible response, he boldly tried again, this time louder for the whole class to hear.

Those around him shuffled uncomfortably while the professor pretended not to hear. While the lack of any positive feedback may have been the final nail in the coffin for his classroom reputation, Carr stated he did not regret doubling down on the joke. "I don't think people understood the nuance," he said. "As a man, I am automatically funny, so I'll just be louder next time."