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Student Enrolls in Summer CIS 160 To Preserve Mental Health in Quarantine


Photo by maticulous / CC BY 2.0

 Ever since spring semester ended, College sophomore Gene Carr has found it difficult to maintain his motivation and will to live. 

“Since classes have ended, my mental health has slowly been melting away,” said Carr. “All I have been doing is staring at a computer screen for hours on end, playing video games, and watching YouTube. I go to bed in the morning and wake up in the afternoon, but also nap randomly in the day. My sleep schedule is all messed up. There’s no structure anymore.” 

To combat his boredom-fueled depression, Carr reasoned that enrolling in CIS 160 would help him rebuild a structure into his long summer days.

“Now that I am taking CIS 160 and thus have something to do, maybe I no longer have to stare at my computer screen and stay up late nights,” Gene postulated. “The class will also give me a sense of purpose with something to do, so it definitely won’t fuel my depression and self-doubt.”