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‘I'm Going to Exercise Tomorrow’ Says Student Every Day


Photo by pxfuel 

 Stuck at home during the quarantine, Engineering junior Gene Rosewater has resolved to exercise daily.

“In the first couple days of quarantine, I told myself that I would start exercising daily,” said Rosewater. “I figured a healthy daily workout would be a ten-mile run, 300 sit-ups, and 300 push-ups.”

However, two months into quarantine, Rosewater has yet to begin his exercise. 

“I’ve just been too busy with everything,” said Rosewater. “The other day, I had to finish a Netflix series, another day I had to play 40 games of League of Legends, and just yesterday I had to take a 5 hour nap in the middle of the day.”

Despite his perpetual delay of exercise, Rosewater is confident that he’ll find the time to begin exercises soon. 

“I have so much time on my hands in quarantine,” said Rosewater. “I’ll always have time to exercise tomorrow.”