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Next Edison? Joe Biden Wins Electrical College


Photo by Gage Skidmore with Edits by Darrion Chen / CC BY-SA 2.0

On Saturday, the Associated Press projected that Pennsylvania would vote for Biden, awarding Biden Pennsylvania’s twenty electrical votes. As a result, Biden’s total number of electrical votes reached 284, surpassing 270, winning him the whole electricity. 

Electricians across the United States are amped up about his victory. 

“I always knew my boy Biden could do it,” said former electrical college winner Barack Obama. “Unlike Trump, Biden’s policies are always grounded to reality. I know he’ll be able to change the current of this nation.”

The current political field is as sensitive as a live wire. Throughout Trump’s presidency, he has been described as a poor conductor without the capacity to lead. Donald Trump, the incumbent electrical college winner, was extremely resistive to the defeat and has not commented on Biden’s win. His apparent defeat has evidently crossed his wires, as Trump charged Biden of election fraud without evidence. 

Biden’s electrical win was a week-long process. Over the week, he won Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania in a series, while also parallelly winning all West Coast and New England states. 

In his acceptance speech, Biden vowed to unify the nation saying “the country has become too charged and too polarized, and we must dissipate all the energy. We must also work to regain positive flux in terms of trade and economics. We also cannot be alternating between red and blue. We must be direct. Directly American”.