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Penn’s Right: Online Classes Did Make Me Cheat On My Bf


Photo by Mr_Stein via Flickr / CC 2.0  

While online classes have their downsides, they’ve allowed me to do things that I otherwise couldn’t while in the same room as my professor. I can scroll through Instagram, take a short nap, and watch the class recordings later (which I never do).  This new found antonymy, however, became very dangerous as soon as exams began. I found myself partaking in something that my goody-two shoes, Teacher's pet, work first play later, high school self would never have done. I began to cheat. 

The first time I did it was my neighbor three doors down from me. It felt so good and yet so awful at the same time. I knew that if I told my boyfriend, he wouldn't understand. And why should he? We were both co-chairs of the Ethics and Honesty Committee Board back in high school. We prided ourself in being morally just individuals. And now, this. 

No matter how much I tried to fight it, I just could not resist. An hour into my Physics midterm, I found myself in some guy's bed, knowing that I had a week to turn it in. What made me feel a little better about the whole situation was discovering that I wasn't the only cheater during these virtual times. 

Apparently, there has been a huge spike in cheating given this semester's online environment. I hear horror stories of students being caught by their significant others as they're about to climax!  

As a member of the University Honor Council, I knew I had to come clean and tell my boyfriend that I'd been screwing around. Fortunately, he was also fucking behind my back! Moral of the story, cheating is really the way to go!