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Quiz: Has Spring Break Already Happened?


Photo by prakash_ut / CC BY-ND 2.0

As we reach April, or maybe mid-March, I’m not totally sure, students begin to feel burnt out and start looking forward to their next major vacation. The problem is: Many of them can’t remember if they’ve already had Spring Break already. Surely, if we’ve already had Spring Break this year, we would remember it, right? This isn’t like last year, when you went down to Florida after COVID19 was announced because plane tickets were dirt cheap and then spent the next year judging people for not wearing their masks. There is actually no way of knowing for sure whether or not we have had Spring Break. It is simply unprovable. However, we have devised a handy quiz that will help students guess based on context clues if they’ve already had Spring Break.

QUESTION 1: Is there a week in which you remember finishing a TV show faster than you would usually? For example, if we assume that the entirety of Game of Thrones takes about two weeks to binge for an ordinary viewer with a functioning life, did you perhaps get through it in a week and a half? 

QUESTION 2: Have you had a week where you slacked so much that when you got to classes at the beginning of the next week, you were actually more stressed and unprepared than usual? And you thought to yourself, “How could I have missed anything? I thought it was just — wait, do I have a midterm tomorrow? Who does that?” 

QUESTION 3: Do you remember one week in particular where all of your professors had a manic “This is okay, and you should be happy!” smile like a couple in a horror movie that is trying to sell their haunted house to a pair of newlyweds and their darling infant son while the ghost of the couple’s dead daughter crawls around on the ceiling?

QUESTION 4: Is it after March 11th?

If you answered ‘no’ to these questions, then Spring Break has likely not yet happened.

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, then it seems unlikely that Spring Break has happened.