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Why I Refuse to See Other Women as Competition Unless They Are the Same Race As Me


Photo by BoldContent / CC BY 2.0

As a woman in this postmodern world, I often find myself investigating my positionality. Sometimes, in horror and shame, I catch myself antagonizing other women. However, I’m always quick to realize that this is but a reflection of my own insecurity and paranoia. The patriarchy reinforces its own power by pitting women against each other, and this phenomenon asserts itself in me. This realization led to my decision to never see another woman as competition again ­– unless they are the same race as me. Asian.

Make no mistake: South and Southeast Asian women are still my friends and sisters. We are united under the grand flag of post-colonialism. It’s the East Asian bitches that are out to get me, since we blend together under the Western gaze. 

I believe that competitions among women are the patriarchy’s devious scheme to osmose an anxiety and to disunite us when we can be there for each other and lift each other up. I’m all against competitions, unless it’s coming down between me and another Chinese skank. In that case, there is absolutely a competition and I’m winning.

Just to reiterate: I don’t condone any form of antagonism between women, unless it’s me and a bitch of East Asian descent. In that case, I will destroy her.