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Women: Misogynists?


Photo from John Oxton via Flickr // CC 2.0

While there have been many tremendous strides within our social and political spheres, a great injustice still occurs in the 21st century: women continue to be second class citizens while their male counterparts dominate all facets of life. And why does this misogyny persist?

Perhaps it isn’t because men are the sole perpetrators of sexism. Perhaps it is the wife, the sister, the daughter, the woman herself who is at fault for her prolonged discrimination. 

If women were men, then they would have access to the same resources, to the same economic opportunities, and be treated as any other strong and independent male. But, unfortunately, they are not men. They are women. 

Women have chosen to proudly (wrongly?) self-proclaim their feminism and have willingly put themselves at a disadvantage. 

A woman is the worst misogynist there is: without women, there would be no place for sexism, inequality, and hatred. There would only exist peace and tranquility on earth. 

The solution? I know of none, but I have hope that if all the wonderful and powerful men of the world came together, their brilliant minds can most certainly finally end misogyny one woman at a time.