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Finals Season! 10 Places On Campus to Conduct Your Eternal Scream In

Photo (With Edits) By: Sukhmani Kaur // The Daily Pennsylvanian
  1. Wilcaf (if they ever decide to actually collaborate with us)
  2. In front of the Wawa on Spruce street, right across rahim’s foodtruck, but only at an acceptable time (12 a.m. –7 a.m.)
  3. The cafe on Van Pelt’s ground floor as you take but a momentary distraction from your impending doom and failure
  4. Harnwell, Harrison, & Rodin’s rooftop lounges (in that specific order)
  5. Your club’s GBM – hell, your club’s executive meeting if you wish to indulge
  6. The corner seat at UBB with a gorgeous drink in hand and a cigarette in another
  7. Fisher Fine Arts’ parcels, as you stare down at every lowlife that dares not to take the stairs to said parcels
  8. Anywhere in Huntsman with the goal of absolute disruption in mind
  9. The benches under the tampons on Locust but only if you have a lover/friend to sabs and scream with
  10. In the arms of your beloved people as you reflect on the cyclical nature of exam “seasons” and realize that there is simply no escaping the myriad of stressors that arise week after week – the papers pile on and on and on, your capacity to handle anything dwindles and your hair is coiling into onslaughts of gray strays.

                                                       When will you break this cycle?