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OP-ED: I Didn't Ghost You, I've Just Been Wandering Around the 5th Floor of Huntsman

(02/14/18 2:45am)

Oh, hey. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I guess right around three weeks, eh? That was when you invited me over at 2 am to watch a third of an episode of “Black Mirror” before promptly falling asleep, both of us fully clothed. I tried to be the little spoon and fall asleep with you, but you kept coughing and starfished the entire bed. So I went home.

Freshman With Reloaded Dining Dollars Feels Renewed Sense of Self

(01/27/18 5:28pm)

The beginning of a new semester has so many new and exciting things in store: textbooks you won’t buy until the night before the midterm, cuties in your Math 114 recitation that sort of make the cross-country journey to DRL worth it, and pests living off of hoarded Skinny Pop and cheese balls in your dorm room (probably the same mice who were responsible for last semester’s nightly anxiety attacks). 

Freshman Misses Drinking in Frat Basements While at Home Drinking in Friend's Basement

(11/25/17 9:04pm)

“Why is my body moisture-free? I’m able to listen to whatever songs I want—good music, even— how is that? I’m surrounded by people I care about instead of people with whom I’ll create fabricated relationships in which we ignore each other except for on Friday and Saturday nights. But... Why?”

Sweet! Professor Gives Class Halloween Candy, But Will Also Give Majority a Final Grade of "B-" or Below

(11/01/17 5:25pm)

Pre-med freshman John McArthur (C ’21) was feeling jaded, to say the least. He was just railed by his sixth round of midterms last week, he spent his bank account down to $6.73 over the Halloweekend at a slew of downtowns, and his parents recently refused to continue funding his recent Juul addiction, which he’s actually in denial about. Yikes!

Wharton Professors Actually Warby Parker Marketing Associates

(10/10/17 4:23pm)

It's a tale as old as time: you're sitting in a nondescript Wharton class, thinking about ways you can tear your classmates down and destroy their futures, when the professor pulls out the classic: “Warby Parker is a great example of this...”. You snap out of your daydream, give a little eye roll to your friend, and make one addition to the vast amount of knowledge you have about this goddamn company.

Fresh Grocer Unveils 'Halo Top Cam' to Broadcast Ice Cream Availability

(09/25/17 6:39pm)

You know the drill. Stumble into Fro Gro in your pajamas on the hunt for something sweet. Replay your mom’s plentiful reminders to “watch your calorie intake because this isn’t high school anymore, sweetie.” Meander over to the frozen section. Feel wronged when the only Halo Top ice cream pint left is Strawberry. Ignore your mom’s pleas, buy the better tasting Ben & Jerry’s instead, eat the entire pint, and later realize you played yourself.

Senior Ends Career Fair Week With No Job Prospects, but Lots of Free Stuff

(09/18/17 8:32pm)

Will Gomez (C’17) paraded with the masses last week to the Sheraton Hotel to (hopefully) figure out which company’s mission he’d have to prioritize over his social life for the next couple years. Fresh padfolio in hand and messenger bag on chest, he was eager to have some forgettable conversations at a career fair or two.

Junior Girl No Longer Relevant After Removal From Frat Listserv

(09/15/17 4:47pm)

Katie Reinhart (C’19) thought junior year was going as well as it could be. Beginning her days by waking up in a cold sweat fearing the possibility of unemployment and ending them with an anti-aging serum, she was content. When figures in bulletproof vests were obstructing her social life, she had a great time getting rejected from Smoke’s and watching sweaty freshmen make out. Who says juniors are washed up? She was living life.

Penn Engineering Creates Restaurant Week Time Machine, Exclusively for Zahav Reservations

(09/14/17 3:41pm)

Craving a cultural dining experience outside of Meatless Mondays at Commons, but chose to spend late July not trolling Open Table for a dinner reservation? Didn’t have an idea it was Restaurant Week until six of your Snapchat friends added Stories documenting every course at the same restaurant?