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PSA: Elizabeth Banks On Campus To Register Voters

(09/26/16 7:14pm)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Joe Biden is on campus. That said, the Vice President isn’t the only celeb strolling down Locust Walk today. Penn Alum Elizabeth Banks is joining Penn for Hillary and Penn Dems today, to register voters! She will be at the LGBT Center from 4:30 to 6pm. So drop everything and head over. There will always be another class/recitation/midterm but how often do you get to hang out with a famous person? Also, voting is important. Your professors will understand.

(Last) Hurrah Hurrah! Penn's Sexiest App Is Back

(04/25/16 10:30pm)

ATTENTION ALL SENIORS: Spring has sprung, classes are coming to a close, and now it’s time to make Penn great again. Last Hurrah (aka Penn Tinder for seniors) is back! We are currently T – 48 hours away from the relaunch of the app that makes seniors’ hook-up dreams come true. So gear up for the most unproductive reading days of your college career because you have more important things (people) to do.

Pro/Con/Pro: Eating At Restaurants With Health Violations

(04/07/16 1:49pm)

Harvest recently joined Chipotle on the list of beloved yet germ-ridden eating establishments on campus, and we know how tough that's been for everyone. What is to be done? Do we just jump ship to Qdoba/City Tap? What of loyalty and second chances? It's a tough one, which is why we've laid out the most salient arguments here for you. Take heart and hang in there. 

Chance Who? Get To Know This Year's Fling Headliner

(03/21/16 5:30pm)

A lot of stuff happened this weekend: St. Fratty’s, snow, and oh, the Fling 2016 headliner was revealed. But if by chance you have zero clue who Chance the Rapper is (i.e., you thought when people said “the rapper” it was just a helpful description, not part of the his stage name), don’t worry! You aren’t alone. Here’s all you need to know so you can take a chance on Chance this April:

Hamilton Auditions In Philly

(02/20/16 8:21pm)

Are you a really talented actor, rapper, or dancer? Are you obsessed with the upcoming Commencement speaker Lin-Manuel Miranda? Do you really just want to knock that annoying girl in your econ class, who thinks she is the shit since she got an internship at Goldman, down a peg? Well then this is your chance: Hamilton is hosting auditions in Philly. Nothing will get you more Instagram likes, easy access to Smokes, party invites, oh and actual success in your future than a role in this Broadway hit.

Post-Valentine's Day Trauma: What To Do If Your Roommate Won't Stop Having Sex

(02/15/16 8:07pm)

Valentine’s weekend is over. So you definitely thought all the rose deliveries, serenades, and hooking up was over. But sadly, for some of us that’s not the case. You’ve tried being understanding, but enough is enough. It’s Monday and this ends now. Here're our tips for what to do if your roommate/hall-mate (the walls aren’t that soundproof, folks) will NOT stop having sex.

Instagram For Food With A Little Help From Your New Friend, The 40th Street Sinkhole

(02/01/16 8:24pm)

Don’t think sandwiches, sinkholes, and Instagram have anything in common? Think again! Currently, 40th street is blocked off due to a sinkhole in front of Jake’s Sandwich Board. From now till the sinkhole is repaired, Jake’s is offering 10% off to costumers who Insta pics of themselves in front of the sinkhole and tag the restaurant. It’s as simple as that. Just don’t forget to show the cashier your Insta pic.

"Alexander Hamilton. His Name Is Alexander Hamilton." And He Is This Year's Commencement Speaker

(01/19/16 4:24pm)

Move over Ben Franklin, because Alexander Hamilton is coming to town. THE Lin-Manuel Miranda is Penn's 2016 commencement speaker. Let’s repeat that: Lin-Manuel Miranda – the creator, composer, lyricist, and star of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton – is coming to Penn. 

Drop It Like It's Fraud: Fake Money Spotted In Huntsman

(12/11/15 3:35pm)

If you’re muddling through finals thinking that all of this studying is worth it because after you graduate you’ll be a successful, jet-setting, and glamorous billionaire – think again. Fake money, which looks like it came from a Monopoly knock-off, was spotted in Huntsman this week. The only place these 100s will get you is a prison, for possession of counterfeit currency. Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to put a down payment on your own, Wharton grad designed, shipping container house. So unless the holy Goldman Shrine has the power to turn fake money into gold, mark “Jumping for joy after finding $100, because now you can afford that cool chair from the Starbucks furniture store...only to realize the money is fake” as the 101st reason why this week sucks.