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Arts Group Performance Looks Very Fun for Them


Photo by dkjphotos / CC BY 2.0

When I was asked to attend a Penn performing arts show to write a review for Under the Button, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Just 15 minutes into the show, one thing was clear to me and everyone in the audience, these guys were having fun. With all of the dancing, and singing, and costumes, this show was about to be a blast for them.

Throughout the show they sang songs that they wrote, that were probably really fun for them to write. When lead singer Josh Kim sang his duet with Sara Parker about alcohol, it was clear they were in a very silly mood when they penned that one. I’m sure they shared lots of laughs. 

They also acted things out that — I’m sure — brought back really fun memories from when they wrote them. From the incoherent screams of alumni in the audience, you could tell these skits brought back very funny memories for them as well. The team had really made a whole show and they were loving every second of it! 

And the band! Oh, the band. The band looked like it had such an awesome time from beginning to end. They were all bopping around with all of their instruments, singing songs that they were really big fans of. From the smiles and sighs of relief between sets, you could tell these guys were really feeling their own energy. 

The show finished out on a high with a big group number of a song the alumni seemed to know. The entire troupe and alumni were really into the song — you could tell they had all at one point been in this organization. For audience members who were not part of the organization, it looked like everyone on stage was having a really great time.