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Dreams DO Come True! I Got to Be One of the People Eating in the Window of &pizza.

Credit: Maya Kreger

You’ve seen ‘em. You’ve heard ‘em. You’ve ogled at ‘em. You’ve stared at ‘em. You’ve dreamt of ‘em. You’ve wanted to be ‘em. 

They’re the people in the window at &pizza. Critics say the institution is on track to become the country’s hottest eatery. With competition like Zahav, Barbuzzo, Beijing (rip), and Five Guys, this declaration is infinitely significant.

In this day and age, it’s hard to get reservations anywhere. Even the Cheesecake Factory was all booked up Saturday. Experts blame it on the Eagles’ Super Bowl runFly Eagles, Fly! Regardless of the cause, these disastrous problems in our city’s supply chain are devastating. 

Lucky for me, &pizza (the country’s hottest eatery), is walk-in only! So I walked in. Pushing aside inner doubts, I channeled my self-confidence, took a few deep breaths, and charted a course. 

To my shock, I was able to ford the raging river of customers, part the sea of asymmetrical cardboard boxes, and wrap my claws around the steely-cool metal of a window-adjacent chair. And another chair. My box was on the table. My butt was in the seat. My friend’s butt was in the next seat. We were them.

It was the perfect dinner to compliment my evening at the symphony. Brahms 1 (conductors circle), if you were wondering.

Best. Night. Ever.