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Finally! Penn Dems Adds New Affinity Group for Blue-Eyed Blondes

Photo by Alana Newberger // Edits by Jorge Rodriguez

Advocates for diversity and inclusion on the Penn Dems board now offer a new affinity group for the oppressed majority – blue-eyed blondes

“Oh, my hair? I like to say it's more of a honey blonde. And my eyes are undeniably cobalt,” says platinum blonde Tri-Delta student with striking blue eyes. “Having a nexus of mediocre blue-eyed blondes really makes me feel supported and seen.”

“Every day when I leave my house, I can feel the gaze of countless brown-eyed people. Having blue eyes, blonde hair, and a 00 waist really paints a big red target on my green GOYARD ARTOIS MM BAG™,” the anonymous student adds. 

Thanks to Penn Dems, Penn is now a much safer space for blondes like her.