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Apparently, Only 64.5% of Penn Students Hate the Dining Plan

(05/23/17 9:11pm)

According to the DP, a student survey found that 64.5% of Penn students are unsatisfied with the dining plan. This number came as a shock to many. How can less than two-thirds of the student body hate the meal plan? Where are the other 35.5%? Are they all hiding in Commons at this very moment, knowing that they are safe from the haters because no one would voluntarily eat there?

Hill Is Finally Getting A/C! No One Cares That Gregory and Kings Court Aren't

(05/24/17 7:38pm)

Hill College House is making a bittersweet return. Sure, we're happy that Hill brunch will be back. But we had thought that the University was going to demolish Hill and replace it with a Starbucks. The fact that we missed an opportunity to go to one Starbucks, cross the street, and immediately enter another Starbucks is crushing.