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OP-ED: I Could Also Win an Oscar If I Tried, I’m Just Kind of Busy Rn

(02/25/19 4:26am)

Just moments ago, our very own Claire Sliney, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, won an Oscar. Her film Period. End of Sentence. follows a group of girls and women in a rural village outside New Delhi who fight back against India’s deeply rooted stigma surrounding menstruation. The film won an Academy Award for best documentary short subject. 

OP-ED: I Hope the World Ends Before I Graduate so I Don’t Disappoint My Mother by Not Going to Law School

(02/28/19 4:22pm)

Freshman year of college teaches kids a lot about life: how little sleep they can live off before crashing, how to bullshit one’s way out of everything and anything, and, without fail, the magic of Wawa. But mostly one learns a fact of life that is both daunting and enlightening: the future is uncertain. 

OP-ED: You Couldn't Even Pay Me Gutmann's Salary to Finish My Writing Sem Homework

(03/14/19 2:14pm)

There are a lot of things I’d do for a buck — don’t go crazy, though. I just mean like stealing a fork from Commons or something like that { Not to flex, but I’m a pretty good kid ~\_(*L*)_/~ }. There are just some forces in this life to which I refuse to submit myself. Standing proudly at the top position on that list: my writing sem homework. 

OP-ED: I Deactivated My Facebook Last Week, and 4 Other Things That Feed My Superiority Complex

(01/31/19 2:06pm)

I don’t have a huge superiority complex, just a small one, built one better-than-mediocre action at a time. Brick by brick, as they say. Do I think I’m better than anyone in particular? No, my god, I’m not conceited. Do I think I’m just a bit better than the generalized “everybody”? A little. Here are some reasons why.