After 2 Years, Penn Football Captures 5/6 Of The Ivy League Championship

In case you didn’t hear, Penn Football beat Cornell 42-20 this past weekend, bringing their record to a solid 6-1— that one loss being the Penn-Princeton game that you definitely didn’t go to. More importantly, it meant that they clinched the Ivy League Championship for the second year in a row. Exciting?! Well, kind of.

Penn actually ended up with the same record as Princeton, which means that this year we have to share the championship with them.

So if you do the math, we’re now that much closer to winning an entire Ivy League Football Championship for ourselves. Last year, Penn won a third of the chip as a part of another tie with Dartmouth and Harvard. And this year, we managed to get a whole half of one! 

This means that now, all we need to do is to get involved in a six-way tie next year for us to have achieved exactly one title in three seasons! Go Quakers!