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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will Brad Fuck Your Girlfriend at Fling?


Photo by Artur (RUS) Potosi / CC BY 2.0

Hey,” you say, interrupting Brad and Jessica’s conversation. “I hope this isn’t too forward, but I think you have a really great ass.” 

Brad and Jessica stare at you blankly. After recovering from a moment of shock, Jessica shoots at you, “Um, hello? I’m your girlfriend. The only ass you should be complimenting is my ass.” 

You shrug your shoulders. You don’t know why, but Brad’s ass has let you find a new source of self-confidence and a sobering perspective on your relationship with Jessica. “You treat me like shit. Fuck off.” You leave a fuming Jessica to Brad, and head for the door without looking back. You call an Uber, and wait outside,

While you’re waiting, there’s a tap on your shoulder. “Hey.” You turn around and see Brad, a shy smile on his face. “For the record, I think your ass is pretty great, too.” You melt. 

On the Uber ride home, the two of you can barely keep your hands off each other. By the time the both of you make it back to your room, your clothes are already practically ripped off. Brad is a fantastic lover, and you enjoy the greatest night of your life.

Congrats! Brad fucked you at Fling!