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Unsurprising: Sophomore Does Advance Registration Extra Early, Still Gets Screwed Over

(11/12/17 8:16pm)

On the last day of every advance registration period, thousands of students flock to PennInTouch to make key last-minute changes to their schedules—or at least they try. Because of PennInTouch’s limited functionality, only a handful of people can ever be satisfied.

Damn! This International Just Got Deported for Not Complying with SHS’s Immunization Requirements

(10/20/17 9:24am)

The fall can be a tough time for freshmen and upperclassman alike, thanks to the pressures of new classes and competitive club applications. It is especially a time of worry for those who have not complied with the Student Health Service’s (SHS) immunization requirements—those who do not comply by mid-October have their registrations put on hold.

MERT Reject Starts Vigilante Emergency Response Group

(10/07/17 8:23pm)

The Penn Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) is one of several ways for students to make a tangible impact on campus. Members spend many nights volunteering to ensure the safety of others on campus. Recently, MERT inducted its new class of volunteers; however, much to his disappointment, freshman David Rodriguez (C ’21) did not make the cut.

Student Calculates Number of Ways to Reconstruct His Schedule After Dropping CIS 160

(10/04/17 12:24pm)

Midterm season is upon us! Many schedules (and self-esteems built up by excelling during high school with little effort) won't survive it. Perhaps no class will see a larger net change, however, than CIS 160. Penn has graciously made the class a requirement for CIS majors and minors, so  students have the opportunity to take it until they pass.