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Student Chooses to Waste Entire Summer by “Being Productive”

(06/12/17 10:03pm)

William Fisher appears to be completely useless. This summer, he was provided with an incredible gift: no problem sets, no midterms, and no commitments. Given an incredible opportunity to relax, go outside, and enjoy the summer, Fisher has decided to turn down all these opportunities in exchange of something much more boring. 

Amy Gutmann Announces Task Force to Stop ISIS

(04/05/17 7:32pm)

When Penn students read "task force", many groan. Task forces in the past have been accused of being intended more to placate the student body than to create change. The task force announced in the wake of the Oz emails, for example, was met with skepticism and took some three months to even outline its goals and plans. Task forces on mental health have faced their fair share of criticism as well, while other task forces like those dealing with Greek life appear to have simply been forgotten.