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Hillary Thanks "The Pennsylvanian" For Endorsement

(10/23/16 2:12am)

Hillary Clinton, speaking just now at her rally at Penn Park, shouted out "The Pennsylvanian" for their recent endorsement saying that "I needed to get there as soon as possible to say thank you." Either HRC doesn't know the proper name for The Daily Pennsylvanian or she has picked up some next-level shade (RIP Friday print) from Donald Trump. Either way, we appreciate the attempt at recognition.

Apply To Join Under The Button

(09/14/16 4:19pm)

Under the Button is looking for writers, designers, social media folk, and video people. Under the Button breaks the biggest stories. We write the funniest, weirdest content. We create hilarious quizzes, lists, and videos. We aren't afraid to start controversy. We are Penn online. If you want to write weird, edgy, FUNNY, no–holds–barred journalism, Under the Button is the place for you. 

Come To Our Open House Tonight

(09/08/16 8:10pm)

Come by 4015 Walnut from 6:00 to 8:00 PM to learn more about Under the Button. We need talented writers, designers, and social media people–and we want to hire you. UTB is Penn’s most-read blog. We break the biggest stories, have the most fun, and know (or pretend to know) everything happening on campus. Under the Button IS Penn online. We are like a Canada Goose jacket turned into a website. We're here to tell you what's up, what's breaking, and make that Intro to Psych class a little better. See you tonight. 

Harnwell Is Flooded And It Looks Disgusting

(05/04/16 12:21am)

If finals weren't bad enough, filthy water is raining down on Harnwell residents. Six inches of water has flooded the 7th floor and has made its way down to the lobby. Apparently, Harnwell residents are being sent to hotels to avoid the disgusting water. You should pack an umbrella and bean boots if you plan to go there later. Happy finals! 

Club Elections: Do's and Don'ts

(12/08/15 6:39pm)

Happy club election week (or was that last week?)! Not only are you tired, cold, and angry, but you also have to run for Outreach Director for some club you will quit next spring. Get ready! Since everyone at Penn takes club elections more seriously than brain surgery, here are some tips to get elected to that dumb club position which will definitely impress that Bain recruiter.

10 Million Things Amy Gutmann Spends Her Salary On

(10/20/15 7:54pm)

Penn has an endowment worth over $10 billion dollars and Amy Gutmann makes over $3.4 million dollars. That is so much cash!! You probably can't even conceptualize what that amount of $$ could buy. Luckily, we found Amy's shopping list. When Queen Amy isn't dropping stacks to maintain her title as Queen of the pant-suit game (sorry Hillary), she could/probably is buying these things:

15 Things To Do While Sexiled

(10/14/15 1:02pm)

Unless you are some freaky exhibitionist, having sex in a double is difficult. Your partner has to wait while your roommate awkwardly shuffles out and you confer with them when to come back, all the while drastically overestimating how long you will last in bed. However, for those enjoying the warm and solitary comfort of their hand, here are some great ideas on how to spend the time:

What's HapPENNing?

(09/28/15 2:00pm)

Things that are in: midterms, jaded freshman, sorority apple picking pictures, football gamez (upset of the century!!), counting down till Fall Break. Things that are out: The Pope, add period, Super Blood Moons, naive freshman, coasting through class. When you're not stressing this week, here are some cool events to check out: