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If Penn Actually Cared About Mental Health, the Jonas Brothers Would be Performing at Fling

(04/04/19 5:26am)

It’s no secret that mental health is a prominent issue on Penn’s campus. And in recent years, the administration has — arguably — taken active steps to provide more mental wellness resources to the student body. Huntsman closing at 2 a.m.? Brilliant. Task force? Life-changing. Forcing all sophomores to live on-campus? I've never heard of a better idea.

Unused Yoga Mat Has Now Been Sitting in Woman’s Apartment for 2 Years

(04/10/19 3:32am)

Upon first inspection, everything seems in its rightful place in College senior Andie Berks-Thompson's apartment. Magnificent sets of string lights illuminate every ceiling, dozens of plastic succulents (real ones died) have been artfully placed, and gorgeous, similarly-colored, but differently-patterned tapestries are delicately hung in each room.

They Do the DP Crossword Together Every Week. Last Friday, She Used It to Tell Her 'we should stop hooking up. idk i think ur kinda too clingy'

(11/14/18 6:43pm)

It was a typical Friday evening for two Penn Dental students that are hooking up multiple times a week but are definitely not a couple. At 12:37 a.m., Amber Johns, a third-year orthodontics student, received a text from Laurel Thomas, a seventh-year flossing student, saying, "hey im kinda drufnk wanna do something tonight."

SPEC Hopelessly Confused as to Why Penn Still in Competition, as 'Cardi B Isn't a Throwback?'

(04/10/18 9:47pm)

Finally, a sport we might be national champions in. Penn has made it to the in the Elite 8— of a nationwide, collegiate Tinder "swipe-off." Now, we're only two rounds away from finding out if 200 students get a free Cardi B concert on the last day of classes.

Editorial | It's time to end Regular Decision

(03/27/18 4:09am)

The growing prominence of Early Decision in Penn’s admissions process is not without controversy. Applicants who apply early must submit a binding contract, and are required to enroll at Penn upon admission. Legacy students, student-athletes, and students of higher socioeconomic status have been shown to compose a disproportionately high percentage of the Early applicant pool. And despite the fact that fewer than a sixth of applicants applied early, Early Decision admits made up over 55% of Penn’s Class of 2021. For these reasons, last year’s Editorial Board of The Daily Pennsylvanian called for an end to Early Decision.

There’s no need to go past 40th Street | We have decent wifi and plenty of coffee here

(03/27/18 4:12am)

These days, students on campus often like to criticize the “Penn Bubble.” They say things like “go past 40th Street once in a while,” “try exploring our wonderful and historic city” and “stop eating Halo Top and get your lazy ass out of bed, Sophie!” But I’m here to tell you that staying inside of the Penn Bubble is not actually a bad thing. Yes, I’m serious — you should totally, definitely consider never going past 40th Street again.